ROJO Projects
April 2001 to today

Soon after ROJO started publishing the magazine, the printed paper every three months seemed rather limited considering all the art resources ROJO encountered in order to generate the content of the magazine. So ROJO decided to take on "anything" that was not a printed magazine and consider it a "special" project: Publishing CDs and DVDs, organizing gallery exhibitions, audiovisual shows, installations, music festivals, workshops, talks, outdoor art exhibitions, branded events, performances and more.

ROJO's open attitude soon called attention of companies and institutions. Brands like Adidas, Smart, Pepe Jeans, Altoids, Fiat, Levi's, Red Bull, Nike, J&B, Heineken, Absolut Vodka and many more started to be interested in what the explosive mix of ROJO plus the selected uprising artists could do for their brand awareness. Since 2002, ROJO is working in amazing projects through all creative fields, always in collaboration with brands and forward-thinking cultural institutions.

If you work for a brand or institution and want to know about ROJO next projects and ideas, or want us to think and surprise you on what could be your brand's next step, please write to contact.rojo(at)