Welcome to the new ROJO website.

After 12 years of intense non-stop ROJO activity in the online world, I have decided to take things a bit slower.

Enough of large amounts of emails, posts and images everyday, enough of showing so much art you will end up seeing nothing. If you feel like taking a step back and want to enjoy more while enjoying less, please let me show you some amazing art I love.

ROJO does not aim to sell you anything, nor to feature the newest works and trends, nor aims to be the first and only website to show you anything.

Internet is grown fast and vast in the past few years. There are now so many great sites displaying amazing art I cannot avoid also to feed my art passion while surfing the net. I will show you what I discover, what I earned with years of research, and what I get in the post from time to time. All of it mixed down to the best selection on my terms. What I post is what I will keep. No more, no less.

ROJO aims to show you what I enjoy and the way I enjoy it. It is not about one nice image, it is about a nice body of work, and ROJO wants to show it as large and as right as possible without forgetting to forward you to the artist personal website for an extra dosis of goodness.

The new ROJO website design is a bit minimalistic and will seem sometimes chaotic, but that is actually how I enjoy it today. So do not be surprise if everytime you enter the website, the design has changed.

The black elements are the clickable main sections of this website. The large images are the "featured" artists which you can click in, and see the rest of the post. ROJO will feature a new artist every now and then. All artists featured will remain in the main page for a good period of time, but always to be unposted when the time comes.

This website does not aim to be a directory/storage website of images and artists, but more of a temporary exhibitor/promoter of artist's work.

If you want to have your work featured in ROJO website, please contact me via this website and email the images you would like us to feature (jpg with 670px wide is the right format), as well as a text about you and your work. ROJO is happy and keen to promote contemporary creativity and art in all shapes and forms. When you send me your art, you will grant ROJO and myself all the rights to reproduce them in this website. If you change your mind afterwards you can always ask me properly to remove your work, and I will remove it without any hesitation or questioning. Please remember that you have the right to contribute and I have the right to choose.

I hope you enjoy the website's content as much as I do. Click on the area outside this white box in order to enjoy the contents of the website. Thanks and once again, welcome.

David Quiles Guilló

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