Graziela Calfat

After graduating from Business Administration at Fundação Getulio Vargas in São Paulo, Graziela took on several marketing positions at Unilever HPC and Ice Cream, based in different countries; Brazil, USA, and Spain. A 15 years professional career at Unilever from Brand Development and Innovation to Brand Building. From global to regional and local marketing. Graziela’s expertise has been focused in Brand Development / Innovation areas.

Graziela first encounter with ROJO was in a presentation party in São Paulo in 2003. What stroke her most was not the crowded venue, nor the impressive new issue called ®Sale (the first with 160pg), but the music, played by David Quiles Guilló disguised as DJ Fakenice. From the first song to the last, she enjoyed the eclectic, fun and experimental mix of everything surrounding her… Few years later they met for the second time, to never be apart again.

Graziela is co-founder and executive director of NOVA, and runs the daily ROJO operations since 2009.