David Quiles Guilló

David is founder and general manager of ROJO (since 2001), NOVA Contemporary Culture (since 2010), THE WRONG New Digital Art Biennale (since 2013) and ABSTRACT EDITIONS (since 2015), a new publishing house to deliver Abstract Literature printed to the world. He is also a partner of PLINK FLOJD (since 2012), a super audio/visual collective, LINDO KILLER (since 2012), a mix of art project and lifestyle brand. UNDERVOLT&CO (since 2014), an audiovisual label for experimental video artists, REVAMP (since 2014), a re-design studio focusing on brand logos and producing recycled furniture, and NOSORDO (since 2015), a music label for unusual music.

Since ROJO was born in March 2001, David founded an international emotional working structure of associated directors, more than 1000 art contributors and a distribution network in 37 countries. Under ROJO flag, David has edited all 40 issues of the iconic ROJO magazine, edited 41 monographic artist books, curated and produced 5 editions of NOVA Contemporary Culture Festival, which featured at large more than 600 artists and musicians, curated and produced more than 100 art exhibitions, promoted more than 900 events worldwide, as well as created more than 120 special projects and events to explore different medias with total freedom for artists to join, collaborate and enjoy. ROJO evolved in 2011 into ROJO Projects, a platform where David creates new formats and groundbreaking projects to keep doing what he does best.

David has given lectures about creative networks and his personal projects in many institutions to mention a few; Instituto Cervantes in NYC, International Art Fair ARCO in Madrid, Hagaram Design Museum in Seoul, Elisava School for Arts Barcelona, University of Cuenca/Ecuador, SESC Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, European Cultural Foundation in Rotterdam, University of Málaga, Casino Luxembourg, Instituto Europeo Di Design in Madrid, Instituto Cervantes in Casablanca, MIS Museum for Image and Sound in São Paulo, EAV Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro, 180 Creative Camp, in both Cerveira and Abrantes, and SAIC, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

David is now spending some of his "working time" writing articles and interviews for magazines worldwide, mostly about the people he knows and admires, or about any of the projects he is pushing forward when he is not sleeping long quiet siestas, dreaming of new projects and exploring the keys in a white grand piano as member of his "very new" two man band CACHOPOU. All these projects and dreams happening simultaneously while starting to manage OQUBO, a recent constructed building in the middle of "culturally nowhere" south east of Spain, which hosts a two room guest house, and all ROJO projects and partnerships, an art residence, a creativity school for children and a two project/exhibition artspaces.

David has quietly evolved into a cultural entrepreneur who in a daily basis unfolds as a curator for music, video art, new media and visual art, writer, speaker, publisher, musician, editor, teacher, film director, creative consultant, graphic designer, art director, programmer, communication strategist, researcher, interior designer, theorist, copywriting master, sustainable energy expert, house keeper, cook, dish washer, pool cleaner, dedicated husband and father of two amazing girls.

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