A true independent cultural organization, founded by David Quiles Guilló in Barcelona in March 21st, 2001.
ROJO’s mission statement is to create, promote and push positive forward-thinking contemporary art to a wider audience worldwide. After a 8 year period in Barcelona, Spain, and a 5 year period in São Paulo, Brazil, the brand new ROJO headquarters are now located in Alicante, Spain.

ROJO builds up its own creative networks to produce and coordinate self-generated medias, art projects and events. ROJO interacts directly with the most talented artists from around the world to deliver “on-demand” creative services for selected agencies, brands and cultural institutions. ROJO generates new formats and provides extraordinary content, curates art exhibitions, produces branded feature films and more. ROJO's roster of clients include premiere world brands like Absolut Vodka, Nike, Apple, Ray-Ban, Fiat, Heineken, Adidas, J&B Scotch, Smart (Mercedes-Benz), Unilever, Levi Strauss, Fiat, Samsung, Pepe Jeans, Osklen, Comme des Garçons, Paul Smith, Red Bull, Estrella Damm and Diesel Jeans amongst others.

Right now, ROJO has its hands full on:

Digital art exhibition featuring work by 58 artists of The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale.
Open until August 29th both online and offline as part of 180 Creative Camp, Abrantes, Portugal.

New digital art biennale, happening both online and offline, which aims to create, promote and push positive forward-thinking contemporary digital art to a wider audience worldwide through a biennial online event that gathers the best of the best, while dynamically embraces the young talents of today’s emerging digital art scene.
The next edition opens from November 1st. 2015 to January 31st. 2016.

Visual arts residence, hybrid exhibition space, creative school for children & live music club. Constructing the building right now, and confirming the participants for the first season of art exhibitions, gatherings and live music shows in a secret spot in the middle of the country side in south of Spain.

Art project vs Lifestyle brand, Producing "one of a kind" items, since 2002. One and only one of each... Wearable and rideable art. T-shirts, dresses, shoes, skateboards, sunglasses, bikinis, jewelry, paintings and motorcycles.

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